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Get practical answers to common questions for self-employed house cleaners. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting a residential cleaning business, you can find solutions here.

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Self-Employed House Cleaner (SeHC) serves self-employed house cleaners who work alone or with a partner and have no employees.  (Okay, maybe a helper.)

SeHC helps house cleaners who are ready to set up systems to make their businesses run smoother and more profitably. 

If you are ready to move from just surviving as the “cleaning woman” or the “cleaning guy”, to thriving, click on the button below.


Just Getting Started?

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US State Laws

Use this full map of US state and city laws to help you:

  • Apply for a business name
  • Get a business license
  • Register to pay taxes

Just click on the map to find your state and get started.

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Cleaning Business License Basics

A business license can do more for your house cleaning business than identify your business to the public and the tax collectors.  A business license can create a trust edge with potential customers and help you charge what you and your services are worth.   Continue reading…

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Supercharge Your Cleaning Business Flyers

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Are You Ready To Go Deeper?

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blankHave you been working as a self-employed house cleaner for years but still dealing with:

getting paid what you are worth?          

problem customers?

setting up systems for back office tasks like licensing, taxes, money management and insurance?

Tell me about the parts of your solo or partnership cleaning business giving you the hardest time.

If you are ready to go deeper, work smarter (and not just harder) and make more money from the customers you already have, fill out this short form.   ➡︎

Now is the time to move from just surviving to thriving.

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