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Welcome to Self-Employed House Cleaner!  This is a site for self-employed house cleaners who work alone or with a partner and have no employees.

Who This Site Serves

There are a lot of people who feel that unless you have employees or subcontractors, you don’t have a real business. They say that if you are a sole proprietor or partnership, you just own your job. Thing is, owning a job is enough for some of us, especially a job run as a business—your business.

A business where you don’t manage other people. A business where you can work alone or with a trusted partner. For many self-employed house cleaners, the ability to control their own time, develop deep relationships with their customers and operate with low overhead (expenses) can be a great place to be.

Some of you are self-employed because you are just starting out.  You may expand your business to include employees or you may never hire anyone. In the beginning, those next steps are often at the bottom of your list. When you are getting started, finding and pleasing customers plus getting paid are your main concerns—and those concerns never go away.

Moving From Surviving To Thriving

What separates house cleaners who work as “gig workers” or “side hustlers” from the ones who run businesses are systems. Self-employed business owners take the time to set up systems that keep their businesses running smoothly. They set up policies, procedures and schedules that keep their “back office” operations organized and their customers happy.  hands-on-a-keyboard-busy-with-back-office-tasks

Self-employed house cleaners who operate with systems, take the “business” of cleaning very seriously. They are licensed, bonded and insured. They don’t work “under the table”———they pay their taxes (city, county, state and federal) on time and in full. The have systems for handling the money they earn—and the money they pay out. They know the importance of business insurance and bonds. They don’t confuse working hard with working smart. A solo or partner owned cleaning service that runs on systems is a business.

Thriving self-employed cleaners develop sales and marketing systems to attract and serve their best customers. Customers willing to pay them at or above the going rate for their local area. They set up “work fences” or policies that help them and their customers maintain a healthy and respectful distance. It is those fences that help self-employed cleaners avoid inappropriate tasks and relationships with customers that lead to losing money and mistreatment by customers.

The Road Ahead

Most of all, this site is for self-employed house cleaners committed to continual self-improvement. You are willing to learn and improve your skills. You invest in yourself because you want to reach your full potential—both in business and in your personal life.

My name is Judith and I’m here to help you on that journey. Let’s get started….


Just Getting Started?

USA map of state start-up lawsUse this full map of US state and city laws to help you:

  • Apply for a business name
  • Get a business license
  • Register to pay taxes

Just click on the map to find your state and get started.



More useful information for residential house cleaners just getting started:



4 thoughts on “About Self-Employed House Cleaner”

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    Zuleika Dudley-Birruete

    Really want to make my business legal. I’ve been cleaning homes for the past year but don’t know how to register it. Any tips would be helpful…

    1. blank

      Hi Patty,
      Information about business licenses and names can be found at the State Start-up Laws page. Just click on your state and you will find out more about registering a business name, getting a business license and registering for taxes in your state.

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