deep cleaning a shiny toaster

Are You Ready To Go Deeper?

What separates an average house cleaner from a great house cleaner? The willingness to go deep.

Great house cleaners know they have to clean the crumbs from the bottom of the toaster. They know to pull all the containers and appliances, clean them and scrub the entire kitchen countertop. They don’t just wipe around in front of them.

Great house cleaners clean the entire toilet area. They clean the outside of the toilet bowl, the floor around the toilet and the walls close to the toilet. They don’t leave grime and hair around the outside of the bowl.

Great house cleaners know to vacuum under beds. They use the vacuum crevice tool to clean where the edges of the floor meet the wall. They vacuum under the edges of large rugs. They don’t vacuum the middle of the room and call it a day.

Great house cleaners go deeper.

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