How To Open Your Kit

zip-fileYou just signed up for a Self-Employed House Cleaner(SeHC) kit.

SeHC kits are added to some posts as a special gift to you.  The kits contain two or more extra tools to help you with your house cleaning business.

In the email you received, click the button and a zip file that looks like the picture to the right should have been sent to your desktop or documents folder.

download symbolYou can also click the button in your email and see a screen with a download symbol in the upper right hand corner.  Click on that symbol to download your kit.

Whether you downloaded the zip file on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone here are some easy ways to open your kit and get started using the tools inside:

When you unzip your kit, the tools you downloaded are ready for you to use.

Once again, thank you for choosing a Self-Employed House Cleaner kit.

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