Meet Judith

Meet Judith and find out how she helps house cleaners like you.

Hi, I’m Judith. I’ve run my own house cleaning company for over 25 years.

I’ve served many of my current customers for more than 20 years, through births, deaths, earthquakes and economic recessions.

I’ve gone through the same things you go through everyday:

  • long work days – sometimes leaving home in the dark and coming home in the dark.
  • crazy schedules – a five hour house followed by a four hour house – lucky to get lunch in between.
  • last minute customer cancellations.
  • fussy, hard to please customers.
  • bad checks and the pain of collecting from slippery customers.
  • hovering customers – some wanted to talk the whole time, others wanted to “make sure I did it right”.
  • breaking and paying for damaged items (ouch!).

What I Learned

Along the way, I learned how to manage my time and money. I developed rules that customers respect.

I mastered systems of running the business that allow me to work fewer hours for more money.

I learned that when you are a self-employed house cleaner, showing up when you say you will and getting the job done to the same high standard each time is 80 percent of success.

What I Share With You

I help brand new house cleaners and more experienced house cleaners get practical answers to common house cleaning questions.

With practical tools, tips and strategies, house cleaners like you can move beyond surviving day to day as the “cleaning lady or “cleaning guy” to thriving as self-employed cleaning business owners.

And When I’m Not Cleaning…

I live and garden in Washington State with my husband.