Self-Employed House Cleaners Secret Success Tools

Proud house cleaner with mop and bucket reflected.
Photo Credit: Ariwasabi

Many successful self-employed cleaning business owners balance pride and humility in equal measure.

Pride in their work and the humility to do tasks that other people consider “menial” and beneath them.

They understand that it takes all types of people doing all types of work to create a healthy world: house cleaners, plumbers, window washers, trash collectors, nurses, people who care for the aged and childcare workers…the list goes on.

Thank goodness there are people (like you and me) who like to clean, scrub and organize.

One house cleaning business owner described this attitude as, “no customer above me and no floor beneath me.” She saw customers simply as fellow humans who paid her to perform a set of services that made their lives easier.

Services such as scrubbing floors were not beneath her dignity. She was ready, willing and able to provide consistent, professional services in her customer’s homes. She used her inner mindset tools of pride in her work plus humility to do the hard work of cleaning to start and grow a successful house cleaning business.

Are you ready to use these “secret” tools?

What emotional and mental challenges have you faced as a self-employed house cleaner?   What tools have you used to overcome those challenges?  Share your experiences in the comments below. ⬇︎

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