Build Your Work Fence

What is a “work fence”? How can a work fence save your time, energy and sanity? Discover what you need to build a work fence that makes you and your customers happy…and keeps you productive.   Continue reading…

cleaning business flyer example with lightning bolts

Supercharge Your Cleaning Business Flyers

It is easy to overlook flyers as a way to generate leads for your cleaning business. Flyers may be “old school” but they work if you are prepared to use them effectively and often. This video discussion reveals ways to supercharge your business flyers.   Continue reading…


Start A Cleaning Business At Square One-Part 2

Now that you have worked through the basics in Part 1, discover ways to progress to the next squares and build a cleaning business that fits your needs.  Start with your labor, public transport and strong plan to gather customer references, referrals, ratings and reviews.   Continue reading…

working on taxes with calculator and pen

Cleaning Business Tax Basics

Business taxes don’t have to be scary. Take a deep breath, find out which taxes you need to pay. Learn ways to prepare for them, pay them and stay out of trouble.   Continue reading…

blurred busines license application and trust

Cleaning Business License Basics

A business license can do more for your house cleaning business than identify your business to the public and the tax collectors.  A business license can create a trust edge with potential customers and help you charge what you and your services are worth.   Continue reading…

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